Unifying an ecosystem to restore public confidence for safe travels
One partner at a time

Traveler flow redefined by COVID-19

The fight to combat multiple hurdles in an everchanging complex travel environment
has left the world to re-define the travel industry.

Phase 1


Travelers search and book appointments at healthcare
institutions issuing digitally verifiable pre-departure tests (PDTs)
after booking flights.

Search and Book VC-Enabled Labs
Traveler has the option to download digital passes to
manage verifiable health credentials.
Visit Labs for PDTs
Phase 2

Generating a
Credential/ QR Code

Healthcare Institutions issue verifiable health credentials in paper
and digital format to carry travelers' health data securely.

Receive Verifiable Health Test Report

Issuance Tech Partners enable Healthcare Institutions to issue digitally trusted health reports with verifiable credentials.

and / or
Health Care Institutions

Generate physical health report


Integration with digital health passes

VC-Enabled Healthcare Institutions

Health Pass
Physical Health Report
Digital Health Report
Verifiable Health Reports
Phase 3

Presenting & Verifying


Governments can enable automated verification of digital health
certificates pre-departure, so that airlines and immigration
authorities don’t have to.


Enabling a return to automated passenger processing

CommonCheck Icon
CommonCheck integration

Web solution for Governments

Before Departure
Travelers upload various forms of VC PDT for verification on goverment portals online through CommonCheck. Enabling a return to automated passenger processing.
Examples of various forms of VC PDT
  • Paper Test Certificates
  • Paper Vaccination Certificates
  • National Digital Credentials
  • Health Pass Apps
  • State/Provincial Digital Credentials
  • Vaccination Provider Digital Credentials
  • Testing Provider Digital Credentials

CommonCheck verification
happens digitally pre-departure

Day of Departure
Travelers enjoy a fuss-free check-in and authentication process at departure and arrival hall as per pre-COVID.
CommonCheck Icon
CommonCheck Icon
Border Control

A safe, secure and stress-free entry into traveler's destination with

Safe arrival
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Safe Travel Ecosystem
Safe Travel Ecosystem
Safe Travel Ecosystem
Safe Travel Ecosystem
Safe Travel Ecosystem
Safe Travel Ecosystem
Safe Travel Ecosystem
Safe Travel Ecosystem
Safe Travel Ecosystem
Safe Travel Ecosystem
Safe Travel Ecosystem
Safe Travel Ecosystem
Safe Travel Ecosystem
Safe Travel Ecosystem
Safe Travel Ecosystem

Ecosystem partners

Anchored by verifiable health credentials, verifiers, issuers, and travelers are members of the Safe Travel Ecosystem.

Airlines, Airports and Immigration Partners

Goverments, airlines, airports and immigration partners

These verifiers are responsible for authenticating health credentials that are valid and compliant with destination-specific travel entry requirements for safe cross border travels that safeguard public health and safety.


Healthcare partners

We have a 10k+ strong healthcare partners' network comprising verifiable credentials-enabled labs, also known as issuers, who issue trusted and secure verifiable health credentials to travelers for travel purposes.

Healthcare Partners
Issuance Tech Partners

Issuance tech partners

These issuing partners produce the technology for healthcare labs to issue health credentials for convenient safe sharing, and verification purposes.

Digital Partners

Digital pass partners

Once integrated with our verification solution, Digital Health and Travel Pass providers benefit from interoperable capabilities, facilitating the smooth sharing, and verification of digital health or travel credentials to enable safe travel.

Digital Pass Partners


Travelers can leverage Affinidi's Travel healthcare lab registry to search for healthcare providers that offer PDTs and vaccines that are verifiable to enable a fuss-free travel journey, from start to finish.

“Trusted by leading organizations around the world.”

Aviation partners
Asiana Airlines
Etihad Airways
Eva Air
Singapore Airlines
Technology partners
3D Certs
Agriya Analitika
AOK Pass
ICTS Europe Systems
Knowledge Catalyst
VFS Global
Healthcare partners
BP Healthcare Group
ClinIQ Health
Hi-Precision Diagnostics
Philippine Airport Diagnostic Laboratory
The Business Times
The Straits Times
CNA 938
Tech In Asia
Guang Ming Daily
Vulcan Post

Frequently asked questions

What is Affinidi Travel?

Affinidi Travel, the travel division within Affinidi, is dedicated to enabling global cross-border travels through verifiable health credentials. We support a globally trusted ecosystem where corporate partners within the travel, aviation, healthcare, and technology space can universally verify digital health credentials on health test reports to restart international travel and economies while safeguarding the world's public health.

What is this travel ecosystem? 

The travel ecosystem refers to a global trust network established through corporate partnerships with airlines, immigration, governments, aviation, border control technology partners, and travel lobby groups. Since Covid-19, new industry partners such as healthcare institutions and credential issuance technology partners have joined the ecosystem to help enable safe cross-border travels with a dedication to safeguarding public health. Contact us to find out how you can be a part of this ecosystem network.

Are you affiliated with other organizations?

Apart from being a part of the Common Trust Network within the travel sector, comprising airlines, governments, issuance technology partners, and healthcare institutions, we are also proudly associated with Linux Foundation Public Health(LFPH), Good Health Pass (GHP), COVID-19 Credentials Initiatives (CCI), and ​​The Asia Travel and Technology Industry Association (ATTIA). For more information on our partnerships, click here.

Why should I go to a verifiable health credential-enabled lab for my pre-departure test (PDT)?

Healthcare labs with verifiable credential-enabled health reports help contribute to a seamless and fuss-free travel experience for travelers. A health report bearing a verifiable QR code means border authorities, governments, and airlines can verify your health status within seconds, making your check-in and border-crossing process paperless, straightforward, and efficient.

What is the difference between a health test report without a verifiable credential and one with a verifiable health credential?

The current authentication of health reports without verifiable health credentials is inefficient. In addition, non-verifiable health reports can be easily doctored or falsified, with no means of accurately verifying it if done optically. On the other hand, health data stored as a verifiable health credential can be authenticated by technological solutions, and attempts to tamper with it can be easily identified.

Does health reports stored on my phone mean it is a digitally verifiable health credential?

No, digital health reports are not the same as digitally verifiable health credentials. Digital health reports refer to a digitized version of a health report such as PDFs, JPEGs, or even an HTML link. On the other hand, digitally verifiable health credentials are health data presented in the form of QR codes that sit within health reports of various formats that can be authenticated through digital verification solutions. 

I don't find any Verifiable Credential-enabled lab in my location. What can I do? 

We are working continuously to onboard healthcare partners across the globe to be a part of our trust network. Kindly get in touch with us here to see how we can be of further assistance.

As a digital pass provider, what can this ecosystem do for me? 

Our robust network of issuance tech partners assists with tech integration processes so you can add verification to your credentialling capabilities or increase your verification capabilities.

As a healthcare provider, what can this ecosystem do for me? 

Our trusted issuance tech partners within our network assist with the provision of the technology needed to issue verifiable health reports for cross-border travel purposes. Protect the integrity of your health reports against fraudulent usage. Get in touch with us here to upgrade the function of your health reports today.

As an Issuance technology provider, what can this ecosystem do for me?

You can:

  1. Gain access to a network trusted by government, aviation, and healthcare partners dedicated to enabling safe travels
  2. Expand capabilities to global verification through APIs of our interoperability system
  3. Receive the free real-time product, system, and operational feedback from verification during live deployments.

Get in touch with us here to be a part of the network today.

How do I join as an ecosystem partner?

To be a part of the travel network, kindly email us at travel@affinidi.com, or simply get in touch via here.

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