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What is  Affinidi Travel?

Affinidi  Travel, the travel division within Affinidi, is dedicated to enabling global  cross-border travels through verifiable health credentials. We support a  globally trusted ecosystem where corporate partners within the travel,  aviation, healthcare, and technology space can universally verify digital  health credentials on health test reports to restart international travel and  economies while safeguarding the world's public health.

What is  this travel ecosystem?

The  travel ecosystem refers to a global trust network established through  corporate partnerships with airlines, immigration, governments, aviation,  border control technology partners, and travel lobby groups. Since Covid-19,  new industry partners such as healthcare institutions and credential issuance  technology partners have joined the ecosystem to help enable safe  cross-border travels with a dedication to safeguarding public health. Contact  us to find out how you can be a part of this ecosystem network.

Apart  from Affinidi's travel verification solution, CommonCheck, does Affinidi  offer other solutions?

Affinidi's  verifiable credentials management system (VCMS) offers various solutions  across a variety of industries. Our Global Developer Ecosystem enables  developers worldwide to create innovative solutions and new use cases that  foster digital trust globally through open APIs. Our other use case, India  Kernel, uses Affinidi's verifiable credentials technology to build an  Employment & Income Verification Stack that benefits blue-collar workers  by enabling better job-matching and access to financial services. For more  information about Affinidi's other products and services, please visit www.affinidi.com

What  are Verifiable Credentials?

Much  like a physical credential (e.g., the cards in one's wallet), a Verifiable  Credential (VC) is an issued assertion containing a set of claims about an  individual or organization. However, the unique value of VCs is that they are  digitally native and cryptographically secure, making them an excellent  privacy-preserving alternative to other types of credentials if used  responsibly.

Are  Verifiable Credentials Tamper-Proof?

Verifiable  credentials are tamper-evident, meaning a verifier can identify any changes  to the information stored in the verifiable credential. In existing  decentralized technology, tamper-evident data is one of the latest  advancements where data security is concerned.

Are you  affiliated with other organizations?

Apart from being a part of the Common Trust Network within the  travel sector, comprising airlines, governments, issuance technology  partners, and healthcare institutions, we are also proudly associated with  Linux Foundation Public Health(LFPH), Good Health Pass (GHP), COVID-19  Credentials Initiatives (CCI), and ​​The Asia Travel and Technology Industry  Association (ATTIA). For more information on our partnerships, click here

Why  should I go to a verifiable health credential-enabled lab for my  pre-departure test (PDT)?

Healthcare  labs with verifiable credential-enabled health reports help contribute to a  seamless and fuss-free travel experience for travelers. A health report  bearing a verifiable QR code means border authorities, governments, and  airlines can verify your health status within seconds, making your check-in  and border-crossing process paperless, straightforward, and efficient.

What is  the difference between a health test report without a verifiable credential  and one with a verifiable health credential?

The  current authentication of health reports without verifiable health  credentials is inefficient. In addition, non-verifiable health reports can be  easily doctored or falsified, with no means of accurately verifying it if  done optically. On the other hand, health data stored as a verifiable health  credential can be authenticated by technological solutions, and attempts to  tamper with it can be easily identified.

Does  health reports stored on my phone mean it is a digitally verifiable health  credential?

No,  digital health reports are not the same as digitally verifiable health  credentials. Digital health reports refer to a digitized version of a health  report such as PDFs, JPEGs, or even an HTML link. On the other hand,  digitally verifiable health credentials are health data presented in the form  of QR codes that sit within health reports of various formats that can be  authenticated through digital verification solutions.

Getting Started

I don't  find any Verifiable Credential-enabled lab in my location. What can I  do?

We are working continuously to onboard healthcare partners  across the globe to be a part of our trust network. Kindly get in touch with us here to see how we  can be of further assistance.

What is  the Travel Verification Solution?

Our  interoperable verification solution is a web-app tool that allows government,  airline, and immigration partners to verify health credentials of various QR  formats and standards and match health data to the latest regulations for  cross-border travel.

Who  does the travel verification solution benefit?

Any  organization that needs to verify Covid-19 health reports or vaccination  tests to make informed decisions. At current, governments, airlines, and  border authorities would benefit the most from our solution to determine  travelers' eligibility to travel across borders.

Why do  we need a travel verification solution?

Our verification solution combats issues within a complex  travel environment, such as changing travel regulations, inconsistent  standards of issuing health credentials, and the need to combat the use of  fraudulent health certificates efficiently and cost-effectively. To find out  more, get in touch.

What  formats of Health Reports do you accept?

Upon  successful integration, we can verify QR credentials found on PDF, HTML,  JPEG, PNG, JPG, and Physical health reports.

Is the  Travel Verification Solution free?

Please do get in touch with our sales team for more information  on how we can help provide a competitive solution for your verification needs  via this form or  directly at travel.bd@affinidi.com.

What is  required to use the Travel Verification Solution?

All you need is a license key, internet access where you can  access the web-app portal, and any device with web-browsing and  camera-scanning capabilities and you are ready to start verifying health  credentials. Alternatively, if you'd like the verification service to be part  of your solution, we can provide API and API support.  Get in touch to learn more today.

How can  I get started using the Verification Tool?

Upon confirmation, a unique license key, quick training  support, and onboarding materials will be provided, and you will be able to  access the tool immediately. Get in touch to get started today.

I need  Product support. Where can I get more help?

You can reach us via our live chat, activated by clicking on  the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen, email us at travel.support@affinidi.com, or  simply get in touch here.

Safe Travel Ecosystem

As a  digital pass provider, what can this ecosystem do for me?

Our  robust network of issuance tech partners assists with tech integration  processes so you can add verification to your credentialling capabilities or  increase your verification capabilities.

As a  healthcare provider, what can this ecosystem do for me?

Our trusted issuance tech partners within our network assist  with the provision of the technology needed to issue verifiable health  reports for cross-border travel purposes. Protect the integrity of your  health reports against fraudulent usage. Get in touch with us here to upgrade the function of your  health reports today.

As an  Issuance technology provider, what can this ecosystem do for me?

You can:

  1. Gain access to a network trusted by government, aviation, and healthcare partners dedicated to enabling safe travels
  2. Expand capabilities to global verification through APIs of our interoperability system
  3. Receive the free real-time product, system, and operational feedback from verification during live deployments.

Get in touch with us here to be a part of the network today.

Error Messages

QR code is expired or invalid

This happens when the PDT certificate has been revoked. This could be due to a change in the passenger’s records in the clinic/lab/issuer’s system. In this case, a new PDT certificate would be sent to the passenger.

Action: Request for an updated PDT certificate copy from the passenger. They can check their email, or call the clinic at which they did their swab test to retrieve the latest copy.

We don’t currently support this QR code

This happens when you encounter QR codes that are not PCR certificates. Any medical institute can generate a QR code (e.g. for payment, for contact details, etc.)

Alternatively, this QR code has been provided by an issuer that Affinidi does not recognise yet. Affinidi logs these events and our team will follow up accordingly.

Action: Please refer to your existing protocols for manual verification of PDT certificates.

We don’t seem to recognise this QR code format and/or its standard

This happens when we recognise the issuer that has provided this QR code but we are unable to verify the authenticity of the credentials because the issuer has not been onboarded on our platform.

Action: Please refer to your existing protocols for manual verification of PDT certificates.

Issuer’s Network Technical Difficulties

This happens when the issuer’s network is facing difficulties providing us with the traveler’s credentials.

Action: While we resolve this problem with the issuer, please refer to your existing protocols for manual verification of PDT certificates

Verification Inaccuracies

Verification Inaccuracies

If there is a mistake on the passenger's PDT certificate (i.e, wrong nationality, name, passport number), please contact the passenger’s clinic / issuer immediately to check if a mistake has been made on the clinic / issuer’s end. The passenger may have to call the clinic / issuer to revoke the PDT certificate and reinstate a corrected PDT certificate.

Information on physical PDT is different from digital PDT
  1. If possible, contact the passenger’s clinic / issuer immediately to cross-check the information, and find out if there was a genuine mistake on the clinic / issuer’s end.
  2. Check if the rejected physical or digital PDT certificate has been revoked by the clinic / issuer due to a new updated copy being issued to the passenger.

Technical Support

I need Product Support, where can I get more help?

Should you need additional support to verify your passengers’ PDT certificates, please contact our Customer Success Team via our support channel (created for all onboarded airlines) or email us at st.customer@affinidi.com


User Guide

Log into your Unifier

Once you have onboarded Unifier, we will provide you with a unique license key that takes the form of a QR code. This unique QR code will be tagged to your entity. 

You can use either a mobile phone or a tablet to log into the Unifier WebApp by scanning your production license key.

Input flight information

  1. Key in passenger’s flight number.
  2. For airline ground-handlers, Tap the “Today” or “Tomorrow” option to select a departure date.
  3. For immigration staff, tap the “Yesterday” or “Today” option to select a departure date.
  4. Once completed, tap “Search”.
  5. After tapping Search, the flight details of the passenger will be generated. If the information is accurate, tap “Scan digital certificate QR” for the credentials to be checked against the destination’s entry requirements.

Scan passengers’ verifiable QR code

  1. Once the device camera has been activated, proceed to scan the passenger’s QR code on their PDT certificate. The QR code can be found either in digital form on their digital health passport, or plastered on a printed PDT certificate.
  2. Keep the scanning device as steady as possible while Unifier verifies the authenticity of health credential and matches the contents of credential against destination-specific entry requirements.

Check verification results

Upon successful verification of the passenger’s health credentials, the results page will display one of the following results:

  • Verification result: PASS
    Passenger meets all destination entry requirements with an authentic, tamper-evident health certificate.
  • Verification result: FAIL
    Passenger did not meet one or more of the entry requirements. (example shown: test date)
  • Here are some of the criteria the Unifier checks:
    a. Is the certificate authentic?
    b. Is the test lab accredited by the destination country?
    c. Does the COVID-19 test date meet destination-specific entry requirements?
    d. Is the type of test accepted by the destination?
    e. Is the test result accepted by the destination?
  • If an error message appears instead, please refer to our error messages guide here, which can be found under Error Messages. Some reasons that could trigger the error message include:
    - QR code is expired or invalid
    - We don’t currently support this QR code
    - We don’t seem to recognise this QR code format and/or its standard
    - Issuer’s Network Technical Difficulties


How does a Unifier benefit me as a traveler?

With Unifier, your PDT certificate with a verifiable QR code can be authenticated by airlines and immigration authorities to ascertain the authenticity, content and signature of issued digital health certificates. Unifier provides a fast and seamless check-in experience for you as check-in ground staff do not need to manually verify your physical documents.

Unifier is able to scan QR codes on both physical and digital copies of your PDT certificate for maximum convenience.

What do I need to do before I travel?
  1. Visit an approved healthcare provider / clinic to do your COVID-19 swab test and get a PDT certificate with verifiable QR code before travel.
  2. When you receive your digital PDT certificate, look up common destination-specific entry requirements such as the swab test taken date, type of swab test, and whether a printed physical copy of the PDT certificate is required. These requirements are not exhaustive, but please ensure that you can fulfill all entry requirements before travelling.
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